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Bobby D - More than just a professional webcaster
and why you should get to know him.

Hello, my name is Wajed Roger Salam, and I'm the founder of The Winner's Circle International, Inc. (TWC), where top business achievers work together to accomplish their personal and professional goals.

In this message I'd like to tell you about Bobby Dignard, (aka Bobby D.) whom I've known as both a friend and business partner since 1994.

While many people today recognize Bobby as both founder and webcaster of The Global Webcasting Network ( operating from Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), this venture represents only one aspect of his life experience and business expertise. At the core of his being is a service-oriented intention to make a real difference in the lives of people, and this has driven him with passion, professionalism, and dedication in everything he has done throughout his eclectic career.

Since the 1990's Bobby has excelled in the areas of effective thinking, choice management, and team building.

In 1994 he launched his career as an independent skill development trainer/consultant. His first client was a corporation doing a billion dollars a year in sales, but he has been equally at home working with individuals and startup companies, putting into action his slogan to "Promote, develop, and inspire human potential."

In 2002, Bobby and his family relocated to Costa Rica, quickly falling in love with the beauty and peacefulness of that country. However, the location also represented a business challenge. How could Bobby continue to fulfill his purpose without spending all his time traveling away from his family? The solution that he discovered and implemented, would in fact change the direction of his life.

In an era before YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms, he began to explore the still-new concept of video webcasting. Without any training, and with no mentors, Bobby became a pioneer of this new video technology by offering his consulting and training services to international clients from the comfort of his own home.

By 2004, he was conducting live inspirational video hangouts every Saturday morning , and over the next four years the broadcasts attracted and served a sizeable global audience.

In late 2008, I was privileged to serve as a guest speaker at a "Magnetic Retreat" event organized by Bobby in the Costa Rican rain forest. Naturally, Bobby wanted to broadcast the event live in high definition to those who could not attend in person, but there was no high speed internet service of any kind in that remote location. With pure vision, intention, and persistence he and his business partner Stephan found an ISP technology that allowed them to receive an Internet connection via the electrical outlet. What was initially considered impossible became possible, and the event was indeed shared globally despite the initial technical challenge.

This is what pure passion will do when combined with effective thinking, and Bobby D is indeed an example of the fusion of these two qualities of excellence.

During the next few years he continued to positively impact the lives of thousands of people from 50+ countries around the world, helping them to expand their personal boundaries to go places they'd never gone before. Bobby was now truly living his dream. He was making a difference for people around the world, while still living and enjoying his life of freedom in beautiful and peaceful Costa Rica. And that's when another passion of his found expression.

June of 2010 Bobby merged his personal love of music with his professional love of webcasting. He launched Funk Jazz TV a weekly live show that provided his audience with funky jazz music, while also showcasing independent musical artists in a way that hadn't been available to them before. The show evolved.

In September of 2011, was born and grew beyond his physical presence. A testimony to the success of the show the associated Facebook group is still very active and growing today, even though the show itself has been off the air for more than five years. By the way, Bobby still promotes artists via It's now a personal hobby of his, and one of his top methods of holistically relieving stress.

In 2012, a major life change occurred for Bobby. Following an inner call, and against all odds, he moved to Brazil. He knew nobody there, he did not speak the language, and arrived with only two suitcases and a small eight-inch computer. Within a few months he faced unexpected adversity, and even a serious life-threatening situation. Looking back on that time now, he fully appreciates that he was being given an opportunity to test the strength of two of his own teachings...

"How to find the strength to go for it" and "How to transform adversity into victory."

Thank God he validated both!

Another life-validated teaching of Bobby's is the importance of leveraging systems. "I've embraced the following" he says. "A commitment to becoming a student of systems, and to leverage them. Systems can make an average guy like me look like an absolute genius. And everyone can replicate that."

Whether inner systems of personal growth technology, or external systems of internet and video technology, Bobby continues to be well-versed in both. And he continues to share his knowledge and experience to help other people.

Now that I've told you something about my good friend Bobby D, you might want to consider getting to know him yourself. Through his experience and wisdom he can show you how to think differently about your current situation, and as a result you can learn how to truly enrich your life. He can also work with you (or your company) in the areas of video production, and studio-quality live webcasts.

So, if you have a dream, and want to make it happen, I invite you to reach out to Bobby D, interact with him on Facebook, get involved in his new humanitarian project "". Transform your life by interacting with him and by contribution. 

Wajed Roger Salam, founder


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